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Retail business customers expect a seamless and unified shopping experience. They expect the same personalized experience regardless of the channel where they search, buy, and receive the merchandise. It makes retail business owners think beyond the possibilities with a unified cloud-based ERP solution.

NetSuite is an end-to-end single commerce cloud platform that connects eCommerce, POS, and order management with back-office systems. NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release for a retail business with multiple brands and selling across multiple countries allows the business to be managed with a single cloud system.

NetSuite 2019 version 2.0 Features for Retail Businesses:

Retail businesses face challenges in:

  1. Visibility into the supply chain
  2. Customer experience
  3. Customer personalization
  4. Analytics

NetSuite 2019.2 version is likely to address all the evolving challenges with enhanced customer experience.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility:

Supply chain management (SCM) is imperative for retail businesses to gain customer loyalty.

NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release for retail business include:

  1. Alerts for supply chain issues that require attention.
  2. Pre-configured supply chain KPIs to track overall health.
  3. A predicted risks feature that identifies purchase orders where delivery may be a challenge.
  4. “What if” scenarios that allow retailers to simulate the business impact of inventory changes across the global supply chain.
  5. A commitment and allocation engine allows retailers to match inventory to customer orders across varying customer types and timelines

SuiteCommerce Features:

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce framework offers intuitive customer experience with the following features:

  1. Grid ordering
  2. Infinite scrolling on category pages
  3. Inventory display on an item’s product detail page 
  4. Side-by-side product comparison
  5. It displays order status on the website
  6. Display product lead time for out-of-stock
  7. Sign up for email notification for out-of-stock items 

Enhanced Merchandise Hierarchy:

NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release for retail businesses comes with enhanced Merchandise hierarchy capability. It allows merchandisers and inventory planners to set attributes like color, size, pattern, fabric, model number, etc. quickly from the hierarchy manager user interface.

You can enable out-of-the-box merchandise hierarchy filters to have a quick look at the inventory in real-time. It further reduces the manual work in creating merchandise hierarchy fields to the sales workbook.

Lastly, enhanced merchandise hierarchy features extend to other industries such as wholesale distribution and manufacturing to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

SuitePromotions: NetSuite for Retail business growth

Promotions are still challenging for retail businesses. NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release comes with enhanced SuitePromotions that personalize customer interaction. With NetSuite’s retail merchandising software retailers can specify the number of items that a shopper needs to purchase to benefit discounts.

Personalized Catalog Views

Every eCommerce customer has a unique buying journey. NetSuite 2019.2 comes with personalized catalog view features. It enables retailers to segment customers based on their interests and earlier shopping priorities. You can showcase specialized products to VIP customers via personalized catalog views. NetSuite Retail ERP software increases customer satisfaction and makes the buying decision easy.

Actionable Insights

Data is imperative for retail businesses. It helps in making informed decisions and improves the customer shopping experience.

NetSuite for retail businesses comes with advanced features like the SuiteAnalytics workbook solution. The pivot capabilities of the SuiteAnalytics workbook enable users to inquire, analyze, and visualize key metrics with ease. NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release latest features provide deep insights like top searches and top searched with zero results. These insights help keep inventory up to date to match the customer needs. It also helps in predicting the demand for products that aren’t available in inventory. 

The latest features of NetSuite ERP 2019.2 release for retailers enable effective supply chain management, improves customer experience with personalized offers. Flexibility, agility, and future proof product updates has made NetSuite the best cloud ERP for most startup and mid-size retail companies.