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Developers often get perturbed about whether to opt for PHP or Ruby on Rails? However, most prefer to go for Ruby on Rails in recent years. This is simply because Ruby on Rails is superior to PHP in many aspects. But why it is considered to be a superior solution in the modern days?

Let’s check out the top 5 reasons for choosing Ruby on Rails than PHP:

Mature Framework – Since Ruby on Rails is built on a solid foundation, it becomes easier to develop a high-end product online and that too in a fast and competent manner. Moreover, it scores over PHP in its ability to support workable solutions that are created on a solid code. Developers are able to build up exciting open-source freebies on the matured framework of Ruby on Rails, which is quite powerful. They can easily deal with things that are created by others and can trim down a certain amount of preliminary expense.

Easy Adaptation – The developers often get frustrated to work with PHP and so they switch over to Ruby on Rails in droves. It’s because of the easily adaptable nature of Ruby on Rails. PHP is easy to choose but its rules are slack. As a result of which, you can run simple web applications without much difficulty. However, the problem takes place when one has to make certain changes, when an application gets a virus affected or when a project needs to get scaled. In all such cases, PHP becomes expensive as well as time-consuming. This is where Ruby on Rails steps in and offers a viable solution.

Lessened Confusion – Bad codes can be easily written in PHP whereas it is really tough to write bad codes in Ruby on Rails. Hence, there is lessened confusion in Ruby on Rails because of the lesser chance of making a mess. However, that doesn’t mean it is absolutely impossible to write good code in PHP. It can be done but with a lot of difficulties.

Neat and extensible – It’s true that PHP can be done by anybody but it makes it difficult to distinguish between a decent web developer and a hack. You can’t discern as to where you are landing yourself. On the other hand, Ruby on Rails by virtue of its steep learning curve focuses on proper coding and standards. You will never be able to move with the same stuff in Ruby on Rails like that of PHP. Consequently, this gives rise to an elegant, clean and extensible project which helps to save time, cash and long-term plights.

Open Source Codes – Ten years back, PHP was the most preferred solution for web projects. It used to offer a cutting-edge start-up to power website. However, at present, PHP is not leading anymore. It has become stagnated and is no more desired for advanced technologies. It fails to offer the most innovative features or the open-source code solution that Ruby on Rails promises.
So what to conclude? Ruby on Rails is better than PHP? It’s true that PHP is friendly to web development but Ruby ecosystem provides a superior tool for web application development. Once you have moved to Ruby on Rails, you may not feel the urge to move back to PHP. Most new projects tend towards Ruby on Rails.

At Amzur, we work with both PHP and Ruby on Rails. We don’t choose Ruby on Rails, just because it’s cool. Rather, we see whether the market shift reflects the benefits of Ruby on Rail over PHP.