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Technology is ever-changing and impacts the way customers interact and do business. Running your business on legacy systems will hold back its growth and often hurts decision-making and control over operations. On-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems lack real-time updates, timely analytics, and security. By overcoming the above challenges, NetSuite Cloud ERP software has become a solution for many growing companies.  

According to Gartner, NetSuite is the #1 cloud business solution provider with more than 18,000 customers across the globe. Moreover, it is the only cloud ERP solution provider that serves businesses of all sizes and verticals. NetSuite ERP is engineered to scale with your business’s growth and streamline mission-critical operations with ease.

NetSuite cloud ERP software integrates disparate systems and modules running on various software packages. Hence, you can manage operations and have a 360-degree performance view. In this article, we discuss the top reasons why fast-growing businesses choose NetSuite solutions.

Growing companies: Why do they choose NetSuite Cloud ERP software solutions? 

1. Integrated software solution:

Firstly, NetSuite is considered to be an all-in-the-box solution. It enables businesses to integrate each module and streamline bottom line operations via a single source. NetSuite comes with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules as a single package, meaning companies need not worry about managing front-end and back-office operations.

2. Business on the go:

Unlike on-premises ERP solutions, NetSuite Cloud ERP software provides updates on the go. Business owners, employees, and even consumers can avail themselves of these services 24/7. From a customer perspective, it improves loyalty and retention. 

3. Reduced maintenance challenges:

NetSuite is the leading SaaS provider for growing businesses. It reduces the upfront investments on server purchase, installation, and maintenance. Furthermore, it enables a more secure environment than legacy ERP systems.

4. Easy to integrate:

NetSuite is more flexible and easier to integrate with third-party applications. You can integrate with existing ERP systems as a part of an upgrade. NetSuite Cloud ERP software accommodates as many additions and updates as your business needs to meet growth goals.

5. On-time analytics:

SuiteAnalytics is the intuitive feature from NetSuite that delivers on-time analytics. You can have a complete view of business operations with stats that can predict the future. These analytics help business owners make smart decisions to comply with ongoing market trends.

6. Business-centric customizations:

NetSuite is not a one-size-fits-all solution. As an industry-leading cloud solution provider, NetSuite serves various industries with specific business goals. If you can find the right NetSuite implementation and consulting partner, they will help you with customizing modules based on your requirements.

7. Scalability:

Scalability is the biggest concern for growing companies in the current competitive marketplace. NetSuite Cloud ERP software is designed to support and grow with your business. It supports multi-language and multi-currency accounting operations when you expand your business, whereas legacy systems require third-party applications for every task.

8. Consumer-specific:

NetSuite aims to enhance the end-user experience with its future-proof features. It enables even non-technical and inexperienced end users to get stats and reports on demand. NetSuite ERP software allows companies to personalize their marketing and sales strategies by tracking user behavior.

9. Updates and Security:

Oracle’s NetSuite updates its software twice a year. So customers are always using the latest version of the technology and can experience new sophisticated features. It further improves security without extra cost.

10. Cost-effective and sustainable:

NetSuite cloud solutions reduce IT infrastructure costs and deliver sustainable solutions. It reduces server room energy consumption by 99%. NetSuite eliminates the production of more than 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. That’s equal to the CO2 emissions produced by the consumption of over 48 million gallons of gasoline, 1 million barrels of oil and the yearly pollution caused by more than 77,000 automobiles.

The above features have made NetSuite the #1 cloud business management software for growing companies. From startup to enterprise, NetSuite Cloud ERP software solutions accelerate growth and drive innovation.

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