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With internet access widely available and smartphones in countless pockets, we’re all more connected than ever. So why does recruiting the best IT experts to remain so fraught with challenges?

To answer this, we need to look at some common concerns among IT recruitment companies. Hiring experienced professionals within the U.S. involves connecting with candidates, interviewing them efficiently, and validating their skills, which presents challenges for any company. Each of these steps requires a significant investment of time, money and personnel. And with low unemployment rates for technical workers, moving slowly means losing the best candidates. Even worse, what happens if the candidate declines your offer or is found lacking on the job? 

Services exist to streamline this process and protect your business. Amzur offers comprehensive technical interviewing processes that reduce waste and eliminate guesswork. 

How Our Process Solves Hiring Problems

Let’s look at a common scenario: You want to hire a mobile app developer, so you post a job and start receiving resumes. What’s your next step? 

For most businesses, it’s a complex dance of scheduling and validating. Staff is assigned to interview and assess candidates, or a staffing agency is hired to do so—keep in mind that even the best IT staffing companies often don’t have the direct expertise to accurately test experience in every field. When reviewing candidates with increasingly complex skill sets, busy schedules, and competitive job offers, this uncertainty can be cumbersome at best.

Amzur offers a better way to recruit talent by optimizing, not automating, every step of the process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit the list of technical skills you want to be assessed. 
  2. Tailor a technical assessment of your needs.
  3. Marketplace interviewers who are peers within the technical expertise will handle the rest,  and you’ll receive a report of the top candidates with a summary and a video link.

It sounds easy because it is! But the best-recruiting firms know the devil is in the details. That’s why, behind the scenes, we’ve established networks of technical experts who know how to assess collective skill sets rather than simply screening for a single piece of technical knowledge. 

Not only are these processes reliable and accurate, but they’re also fast. Live interviews are conducted on-demand, within 24 hours, thanks to a huge pool of expert interviewers and cutting-edge video interview tools that allow you to review the performance of actual work tasks like coding and whiteboarding in real-time. 

Why New Hiring Solutions Are So Important

In the IT industry, effective hiring can mean the difference between success and failure. And, thanks to the challenges outlined above, many current services don’t measure up. Amzur, on the other hand, ensures accurate data and analysis so you can make the right decisions the first time, growing your business and avoiding the last-minute heartbreak of technical disqualifications. Combined with on-demand interview scheduling, our results-driven delivery model frees up your team to focus on other priorities. Why spend hours screening a dozen mystery candidates when you can make a fast, informed decision about three certified professionals?

In an era of decreasing international accessibility despite ever-increasing online connectivity, the ability to make fast, well-educated hiring decisions is invaluable. So, if you’ve ever wondered why hiring can’t be simpler, or why the best results always seem to interrupt the flow of business, give us a call. Leaving the interviewing & selecting the best available resource for the positions to the experts might be the change that puts you ahead of the curve.

Sam Velu

About Author:

Sam Velu, Head of IT Talent Acquisition at Amzur Technologies, is an industry veteran with over 20 years in the staffing business. At Amzur, Velu specializes in promoting high-quality and high-value technology services that optimize business growth. He values community and economic advancement, as shown when he served on the Hamilton Business District in Franklin, New Jersey, to attract new businesses to invest in the city.