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Quick question folks – what’s common among these websites – am sure we have used one or more of these in our lives thus far – Project management website Basecamp, watching TV shows and movies at Hulu, document sharing site Slideshare and creating heat maps on our websites using CrazyEgg? Well, they were all built using Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework.

Do you wish to create such awesome websites as well? If yes, and you wish to learn the curves of RoR, this post can help.

At the outset – some inputs to people working, in the sphere of Ruby on Rails (ROR) and wanting to take the plunge, into a serious book on ROR.

Well, it would be more than a handful, for them to know some of the basic concepts of Ruby – the scripting language, together with the building blocks of the Rails framework to understand & appreciate the concepts on how the combination works out efficient and rapid Web Applications.

The Ruby scripting language is Object-oriented in principle & methodology that supports the Rails framework technically to build rapid Web and Mobile applications Source.

Since, Ruby on Rails is a new paradigm technology framework– it takes into account Software Engineering Patterns like DRY (Does Not Repeat itself), MVC (Model View Controller), COC (Convention over Configuration) that standardize the approach to building code and quicken the speed and ease with which developers can build code in accordance with the business convention Source.

Ruby on Rails cannot be more overemphasized, today, than ever before, as millions of Ruby on Rails developers are changing the course of the industry with their careers securely set in this domain Source.

Given below are some interesting Self-read resources for ROR on the Web:

  1. Rails for Zombies by EnvyLabs –
  2. Ruby on Rails Tutorial –
  3. Railscasts –

Rise of tech talent war in the USA and other parts of the globe:

  1. The shortage of tech talent is not a new problem. According to CompTIA’s 2021 Workforce and Learning Trends report, 40% of companies hired tech staff during the pandemic, and 66% have plans to add more in 2021. For more information, check out the insights from the Forbes article. 
  2. According to the Manpower group, 46% of the U.S. employers reported finding tech talent is their primary concern. Here are the top reasons causing the tech talent shortage across the world.
  3. By 2025, the U.S. will need to fill about 3.5 million jobs in the manufacturing industry alone. However, around 2 million jobs will go unfilled due to a lack of necessary skills. 

The Battle for Top Talent in Canada’s Booming Tech Scene. Find more information here.

The passing time, is only raising the increasing need for catering to adequate study material and self-read guides to the millions of budding programmers and software engineers alike, that need good access to information on ROR, the above-furnished links are incidentally, just meant to give a good start, in this direction, but do not, however, contend for elaborate studies in the subject.

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