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In this age’s quick paced, interconnected business climate, smart phones have become a fundamental lifestyle for the savvy realtors and real estate agencies. From advanced GPS capacities to enlightening home purchasing and selling programs, there are a few amazingly intuitive real estate apps to assist the general public with exploring through real estate contracts, listings, and every information required, more straightforward than previously done. 

Real Estate Websites Have Some Immense Benefits

Real estate websites include being able to browse through various listings from anywhere in the world. However, the websites are neither as mobile nor as quick to access as real estate apps with real time notifications. The capacity to discover houses that match a specific keyword, rather than houses closest to a specific location is similarly very effective, and it often leads to more sales and more satisfied clients.

Real-Estate Apps for the Real Estate Agents

Also, from the stand-point of the real estate agent or agency, you have a customer relationship management software integrated into the real estate app. By utilizing a Real Estate CRM software system, you will have the option to make better use of the workforce that you have, and they will profit from it too. Since this software runs with the application, it implies that the entirety of your sales and other staff can work from home, and this would incredibly enhance your real estate lead generation process. Imagine having your real estate lead generation done seamlessly within an app, which you will also discover that having your information on the web, prepared to access from anyplace you are can make your life simpler as well. Regardless of whether you are in the middle of a family get-away or simply going about your daily work, you can utilize your real estate CRM software system to get to the entirety of your organization’s and clients’ information, and can always be in touch with your clients.

Features and Benefits of Real Estate Apps 

One thing to know about these real estate apps is that a considerable number of the most popular applications were not built for home buyers. A few of the best applications were designed to be used by real estate brokers, Realtors, and even residential and commercial property developers. Since we have established this fact, how about we investigate the best applications that tend to this.

1. Redfin App 

With the Redfin Real Estate app, you can scrutinize a huge number of homes available to be purchased, get itemized data on each and even timetable a home visit directly from the application. Also, Redfin is known for its discounted home buying fees.

Besides that, the Redfin Real estate app also allows you to do the following:

  • Search for homes
  • Take property tours
  • Receive instant updates about your favorite real estate
  • Add notes
  • Schedule viewing
  • View schedule for open houses
  • Talk to an agent.

2. Realvolve App

Not many people haven’t heard of Realvolve. It is the Real Estate Industry’s pioneer supplier of a cloud-based CRM administration. It incorporates into its system a Cloud Based CRM, Contact Manager, Organizer, Escrow Manager, and File Manager and a number of other managers into one app – and effectively interfaces with your SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and LinkedIn to streamline marketing and real estate lead generation. Realvolve is definitely a one-stop shop for your CRM solutions.

3. Trulia App

With the help of smartphones, Trulia is now able to deliver to you the best content when it comes to fine living via its user-friendly app. While looking for another home, the more you think about the home and neighborhood, the more you are convinced it’s the right one for you. Trulia causes you find the ideal home and neighborhood that suits your way of life to either buy or rent.

4. Real Estate by Xome 

With lots of intuitive real estate apps on the internet that guide you through buying and selling your property seamlessly, Real Estate by Xome is definitely one to check out. This app helps you with everything from search even until the point of closing, with the latest version being: Real Estate by Xome 3.3.0. It also provides access to real estate auctions and great deals on bank-owned, foreclosed, short-sale and standard home listings

5. App

The real estate app by boasts the highest number of homes for sale in the entire country, dwarfing many other apps by a lot of listings, perhaps because it is the official portal for the National Association of Realtors. Another thing, besides the vast number of great deals you can find, is that agents that utilize this platform are able to explore the MLS, and you (as an individual) can also contact local agents if there’s any need to.

6. Zillow

Zillow has overtime grown to become arguably the best-known real estate app on this list, and for good reason. Besides the usual search for homes to either buy or rent, connecting with realtors, and the incredible services other apps provide, Zillow has gone a step further to create a demand for home value estimates and meet this demand excellently. Beyond giving homeowners the estimated value of their homes, Zillow also provides past and present sale prices of other homes, allowing homeowners to set up an account for the purpose of tracking their estimated home values over time, and also providing suggestions as to what the selling price of their homes should be, suppose they decide to sell.

7. Chime

This is another Real Estate CRM app that allows you to close deals even on the go. Chime real estate CRM is the all in one real estate lead generation app, which enhances productivity, automates your marketing preferences, easily engages your leads and turns them into paying clients, tracks lead preferences, and makes follow up seem effortless, so that your leads feel appreciated. 

8. LionDesk

LionDesk real estate app lets you stay in contact with leads and close more deals all from the palm of your hand. It lets you send emails and texts to your clients, and even send property videos or home tours at first hand from your smartphone, all on the go.

9. Great Percent App

Great Percent app anonymously links property sellers keen on selling their homes with proficient Real Estate agents in the seller’s neighborhood who bid for their listings by adjusting their commissions and fine tuning their services to suit the seller perfectly. Sellers list their property, local agents bid for the listing, sellers receive bid offers and choose the agent they believe is the best-fit for their property.

And for real estate agents, the app notifies you if there’s a new listing in your neighborhood and equips you with all the data you need to make an informed offer on that listing.

10. PropertyBase

Propertybase is the foremost worldwide real estate app intended for brokerages and teams with the aim of fostering long-term development, associate in increasingly important ways with their real estate clients, and assist agents close more deals, faster.

11. Top Producer CRM

Top Producer is an online CRM platform appropriate for any sized group in the Real Estate industry. The framework enables its clients to deal with their customers through all stages, from the very first contact phase, fostering longer working relationships and encouraging referrals.