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Filling talent gaps is the hurdle for SMEs with limited resources in the competitive market. With the exponential growth of digital transformation and the industrial revolution, the need for tech talent is soaring. On the other hand, with the rise of remote working and the gig economy, skilled professionals prefer flexible working over regular 9 to 5 jobs. 

This further complicated tech talent acquisition and imposed new challenges for hiring managers and recruitment teams. Therefore, to meet the evolving tech needs, modern businesses are on the verge of leveraging on-demand staffing solutions to fill the gaps. 

Are you struggling with in-demand or advanced tech roles hiring and unable to assess your future staffing needs? No worries, you can get an hour of free staffing assessment with our talent acquisition team today. 

How can on-demand staffing solutions optimize your staffing needs?

If your company grapples with limited resources and access to the talent pool, you can leverage IT staffing solutions to find and hire talent. However, not every company has similar talent requirements, so hiring strategies must change according to their needs.   

The traditional IT staffing solutions are rigid, time-consuming, and often fail to attract candidates at the right time. Delays in hiring will have a domino effect on overall productivity and often leads to employee burnout. 

Sometimes hiring a resource doesn’t have to be a permanent hire to get the job done. Instead, companies can engage the workforce through on-demand staffing solutions. 

The on-demand IT staffing solutions allow companies to hire employees with specific skills set across the organization — further helps in bringing a diversified culture powered with productivity.

Why are on-demand IT staffing solutions growing now? Benefits to know

Businesses are becoming smart and are continuously re-evaluating hiring strategies to ensure the best talent on board. In the wake of ongoing technological disruptions, companies are changing their hiring priorities and looking for skilled resources to work on a project basis.  

Compared to traditional staffing and hiring, on-demand staffing solutions are flexible and scalable. Therefore, you can scale up and down your team according to project requirements without hurting productivity and culture. 

But, there are a lot of questions to answer before embracing on-demand IT staffing solutions. 

As a hiring manager, you would always think about what are the benefits and how it can simplify tech talent hiring. 

Precisely, on-demand staffing can help you in 

1. Creating more productive teams

2. Reducing inefficiencies

3. Save on overhead expenses

4. Simplifying talent acquisition and management across the globe

Let’s have a look in detail.

1. Finding talent: 

Finding and hiring the right person is often a hiring manager’s greatest struggle. Amid the growing demand for remote working, finding local talent has become even more difficult than before. As the tech talent shortage is soaring across industries, most businesses and hiring managers are likely to embrace flexible and remote working strategies to get the job done.  

Utilizing on-demand staffing services saves hiring managers considerable time and brings diversity across the organization. Compared to full-time hires and freelancers, the on-demand IT staffing solutions eliminate search time and reduce the cost of maintaining bench employees. 

In the on-demand staffing model, the number of employees working depends on the scope of the project. You can build industry-leading cohesive teams with ease and speed, resulting in improved client satisfaction.      

65% of companies surveyed said they expect flexible workers, contingent workers, and project-based workers will take over a significant amount of the work currently being done by full-time employees.

— Staffing Industry Analysts, Cielo Talent Acquisition 360 Study 

2. End-to-end management: 

For many SMEs with limited internal HR capabilities, employee management is one of the biggest challenges. Companies must pay attention right from hiring to onboarding to training, upskilling, and maintain them. 

With on-demand staffing solutions, companies can hire talent instantly without spending much time on the assessment. Unlike full-time hires, you have the flexibility of continuing or terminating an on-demand employee based on his performance. 

They are more like a plug-and-play device, where you hire resources based on dynamic changes of your project. This further helps to optimize your recruitment strategy by eliminating a few unnecessary steps and improves productivity.  

For example, you can hire a mobile app developer and IoT developer simultaneously to meet your application’s vision. And, you can eliminate overhead costs of hiring and maintaining them on a full-time basis.

3. Compensation and compliance standards: 

Today, budget is one of the major constraints for SMEs to hire tech talent. In the U.S.A., the average cost of hiring a software developer varies between $85k to $180k per year including, taxes and benefits — that’s a huge budget for growing businesses. 

In the case of on-demand staffing, the IT staffing solutions provider helps you find qualified resources that fit your budget. Moreover, the IT staffing company will be responsible for compensation and other benefits — which, in turn, free up your valuable time. 

Labor laws are the most important factors to consider while hiring resources. As they tend to change very frequently, companies struggle to comply with state and federal laws. An experienced IT staffing company pays attention to the laws and regulations and ensures they comply with them. 

How can Amzur help you with on-demand staffing solutions?

Located in Tampa, Florida, Amzur has been a strategic and flexible IT staffing solutions provider for SMEs in the USA. We are more than an IT staffing company. We blend our experience and expertise to find the best talent in the market, strategize the hiring process, and make quick and quality hires. 

Our on-demand staffing solutions are highly customized and aimed to empower your internal team’s capabilities. Amzur’s on-demand IT staffing services include,

  1. Technical roles
  2. Strategic roles
  3. Quality and Security roles

1. Technical roles: 

Regardless of the size and scale, every business needs technical resources to build customized software and applications. If you have an end-to-end team of internal resources, you can develop applications that scale with your business. As your business expands, you come across unexpected talent gaps in your internal team. 

Let’s say you are developing a mobile application for your eCommerce business and planning to incorporate VR features to entice customer experience. But what if you lack a VR developer in your team? 

You can not hire him in a permanent role, right!  

Instead, you can leverage on-demand staffing solutions to fill the gaps immediately. Amzur can help you hire web, mobile, hybrid apps, and custom software developers on-demand basis. 

2. Strategic roles:

For businesses such as retail and eCommerce, day-to-day finance operations, inventory management, and data management are pivotal. If you are from the same industry, here is a small question for you.

How much time do you spend on spreadsheets and data collection across the organization?

If you are unclear and fail to gauge the number of hours you spend, it’s time to simplify your operations using a comprehensive ERP solution. However, ERP implementation is not as easy as you think. It requires extensive resources, expertise, and adequate time to develop a customized solution. 

Amzur is a trusted NetSuite alliance partner in Tampa, Florida, with rich expertise in understanding business requirements and developing bespoke solutions. We provide skilled and certified NetSuite implementation experts and consultants to get the job done. 

In addition to that, our salesforce staffing services ensure you have the best team to develop an application to automate your marketing efforts and improve customer service. Our strategic on-demand staffing services ensure you have adequate time to focus on business growth rather than on time-consuming tasks.

3. Quality Assurance and security roles:

Quality assurance and security are the intricate phases of any software or application development. Usually, most SMEs don’t pay attention to building QA teams in-house. Instead, they outsource after the completion of the project.

We help you by sourcing certified QA experts to resolve bugs and ensure security throughout the project development life cycle. Our QA and cybersecurity experts ensure your applications have no bugs and comply with all necessary standards.


Amzur is a leading technology and IT staffing partner for businesses of all sizes in the U.S.A. We evolved over the years through our client requirements and have built customized staffing solutions to address their changing tech needs. 

Our tech talent acquisition team focuses on quality rather than on the number of applications. We have a refined vetting process right from attracting talent to interviewing and onboarding them. Amzur’s team of 1000+ consultants from various disciplines with proven expertise ensures you have the right candidate on board with the required skills set. 

Unlike other staffing services providers, we leveraged modern ways of assessing candidates through a video interviewing platform. Our interviewing process is transparent and ensures you will get the right fit that aligns with your vision.  

Our virtual hiring strategies will considerably reduce time-to-hire and save on overhead costs while maximizing your talent pool accessibility. In addition to it, we offer extended tech development teams to build end-to-end applications that scale at a fast pace.  

Regardless of the position, our on-demand staffing solutions provide you resources with a minimum of five years of proven expertise. Thus reducing training costs and improving productivity. 

Want to optimize your recruitment process and hire the best future tech talent quickly? Schedule a call with our experts today. 

Learn more about Amzur’s various IT staffing models and how on-demand staffing solutions benefit your business.