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How NetSuite 2019.2 release version benefits wholesale distribution business?

Traditional methods and legacy systems are stifling the growth of wholesale distribution business with erroneous manual and tedious operations. They limit the capabilities of automation, process streamlining, inventory visibility, pricing, and controlling of the supply chain.

As a fast-growing wholesale distribution business, you need a modern and agile ERP solution to meet the growing challenges. Make sure your wholesale distribution ERP software ensure future-proofs of long term innovation and growth. Regardless of the scale, NetSuite is one of the widely chosen cloud ERP solutions for wholesale distribution companies across the globe. Now, NetSuite 2019.2 release is all set to accelerate wholesale and distribution businesses with its latest features.

Biggest Challenges Wholesale Distributors Facing in 2018-2019:

According to statista survey, the following occurred in 2018:

  1. 13.2% of respondents reported they are facing challenges with inventory control.
  2. 19.7% of respondents reported fluctuating consumer demand as a challenge.
  3. Over 21% of respondents reported visibility as their biggest concern.

Notably, NetSuite 2019.2 release is expected to come up with real-time visibility into supply chain management, warehouse management, and analytics to make the decision process easy.

Enhanced Warehouse Management: NetSuite ERP for wholesale distribution business:

Warehouse management often involves manual work and a tedious process. It could cause manual errors and limits process efficiency. With NetSuite 2019 release 2 versions, wholesale distributors can automate and easily document warehouse management processes.

NetSuite WMS mobile solution:

  1. Hereafter, NetSuite wholesale distributors can enhance picking capabilities like single-order picking, multi-order picking, and a pick recommendation engine.
  2. NetSuite 2019.2 release version features can handle 10,000 order lines per day per picking location.
  3. It includes order release function to control the flow of orders to the warehouse.
  4. Above all, Netsuite ERP software provides customizable WMS dashboards.

Advanced manufacturing features: NetSuite 2019 2.0 version features:

  1. Production Unit of Measure (UoM) feature enables shop floor employees to record production quantities in any unit of measure.
  2. Serialized components allow manufacturers to record data directly from the shop floor tablet.
  3. Inventory status feature enables warehouse staff to set aside inventory for specific work orders based on their status.

360-degree view of the supply chain:

From emerging to start-ups and established wholesale distribution companies, the supply chain is the major challenge. Eventually, NetSuite became the best cloud ERP solution for most warehouse distribution companies with its state-of-the-art features and future enhancements. NetSuite 2019.2 release comes with a supply chain control tower to provide a single view of the supply chain as shown below:

  1. It enables alerts for the complex supply chain issues that require immediate attention.
  2. Pre-configured supply chain KPIs to track the health of the whole supply chain cycle.
  3. A predicted risk features that identify purchase orders for which delivery may be complex.
  4. “What if ” scenarios that enable wholesale distributors to track the business impact of inventory changes across the global supply chain. 
  5. Matching inventory with customer orders is a challenge for most wholesale distributor companies. NetSuite 2019 release 2 version enables a commitment and allocation engine to match inventory to customer orders across varying customer types and timelines.

NetSuite 2019.2 release for wholesale distribution companies unlocks the power of automation and control supply chain management at every stage of their growth. It meets the evolving mission-critical business processes to reduce IT costs and ensures scalability as your needs change. Being the best chosen ERP for wholesale distribution business, NetSuite allows on-time delivery and optimized performance. 

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