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spreadsheets vs erp software

My business runs absolutely fine on Spreadsheets and Documents – Do I need to look for an ERP solution?

spreadsheets vs erp software

We are now well into 2016. By now everybody in business management or business consulting, and their brother-in-law has either read or written an article on the why’s and how’s of Enterprise Resource Planning software. You’ve probably seen many of your favorite business blogs touting why 2016 is the year you should seriously consider, if not invest in, an ERP solution for your company. If you haven’t, then… well, welcome to your first such blog post. Hopefully, this will get you started on the path to finding and implementing the best ERP for your business.

Why do companies look for an ERP?

  1. They want a single system that can handle all aspects of their business
  2. They are tired of running multiple systems and trying to sync all the business functions data on a single platform.
  3. They think an ERP will improve their business process
  4. Their business has become too complex, or they’ve outgrown their current system(s)

A good ERP system WILL be able to handle almost all (if not all) aspects of your business. Implementing a good ERP solution will enable you to focus on growing your business, but it is important to note that no ERP software can tell you how to optimize your business processes.

If your business is running an outdated system, it’s probably high time you invested in a good ERP. If you are running a fledgling business and spreadsheets are quite enough to keep everything organized, you probably don’t need to get an ERP solution implemented right away. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start looking or planning.

Start by considering the current state of your business and what you hope to achieve from an ERP.

  • Do your business processes seem efficient?
  • Are there business areas where you want to see improvement?
  • Are there business areas where you just don’t have enough information to know what’s going on?
  • Assuming your business grows in the next year, can your current system and process scale accordingly?
  • Do you want your ERP solution to be a “jack-of-all-trades”, catering to your marketing, e-commerce, HR and other key business functions – on a single platform?
  • Do you want to run all the components of your business – HR, Operations, Marketing, Sales – on a single platform?

An ERP implementation doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a whole lot of planning required before you can even take the first step towards an ERP implementation. Start planning today, because at some point in the near future your business is going to need it.

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