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With the increased use of digital wallets, everybody is getting a hang of easy payment methods. According to a survey conducted by Food Tech Connect, 98% of people between the age group of 18 to 34, who paid a bill via mobile would like to continue to do so. Along with that 35% would like to use mobiles and tablets to place their order and out of them, 40% prefer mobile payments over other payments. And here we are talking about the major share of the market, 43% of every dollar that millennials spend on food is spent outside their home. That is an average of $2,639 a year each according to The Food Institute, a food-industry group according to Market Watch.

Increases the Time Efficiency

Along with the increase in sales, the mobile application helps you speed up the process of service. With a mobile application you don’t have to rely on phone calls, also get a clear order with the right specifications to bring down mistakes while taking the orders. This not only speeds up the process of service but also helps you serve what your customers want exactly increasing your brand loyalty. You can actually allow your customers to customize their order and serve them according to their personalized taste.

Lets your customers find you

Mobile applications allow you to show your customers exactly where you are located around them. Mobile applications can make use of technologies like Apple iBeacon where it allows you to send a push notification on the customer’s mobiles about the offers you provide if they come anywhere around your store. This actually helps you to influence the decision making of your customers. According to a research mentioned in Statista, it is determined that there are 68.7 Million tablet coupon users and 104.1 Million Mobile coupon users in the U.S.
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Launch Loyalty and Referral Programs

The best part of the mobile application is to encourage returning customers and references. You can track your customer activities which allow you to provide your returning customers with deals to increase their brand loyalty. Mobile applications allow you to initiate referral chains which is one of the most effective ways to increase your customer base.

Social media sharing

Social media being one of the most powerful tools of marketing helps you to increase brand awareness. Mobile applications allow you to track your customer base and you could actually have specifically targeted paid adverts. That’s just one side of the coin, on the other hand, it allows your customers to check-in and also like the services and dishes which would be very helpful in increasing your brand awareness among their circle.

Increased ROI on your deals

With direct access to your customers, you could actually showcase your current deals and also personalize it to their locality and even behaviors. This will increase the awareness of any deals that you offer and also influences customers to try them out. It gives a better promotion and enhances your marketing strategies.

Be Omnipresent

Being directly present on your customer’s mobiles you don’t have to worry about reaching them. The push notification actually alerts your customers about whatever information you are trying to convey and it is instantaneous.

Better Menu

You could provide a more specified menu with the filter and search characteristics of mobile applications. Customers can alter the view of the menu as per their choice and make a more precise decision quicker. Who doesn’t love simplification!

One-Click Away

The location tracker along with the application makes your customer contact you with just one click. They don’t have to worry about the right number to call for the store near them. Multiple presences of the stores can cause confusion and customers have to search for individual numbers but with the mobile application, you can track their location and provide them with the relevant information.

Visual Impact

It is a known fact that we eat with our eyes first why don’t you treat your customers visually? With the help of the mobile applications, you can also display your delicious dish’s pictures and influence them to drop by or order online.

Above are just a few of the many advantages of having a mobile application. It is just a one-time investment to have a mobile application and is very easy to maintain requiring minimal technical attention. An effective mobile application is certain to increase your sales but it isn’t easy to find resources to reach your expectation and this is where Amzur comes in with our outstanding skillsets and unmatchable experience we deliver what we put forth. Just check out our services at Amzur and let us know your thoughts.