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In today’s competitive IT world, a coaching program is essential.

Bala Nemani is passionate about helping his recruits grow. “Understanding what they want and helping them achieve their and our company’s goals—that is the start of a holistic talent strategy,” says Nemani, chief executive officer at Amzur. He believes strongly in offering our teams across-the-board formal coaching programs and allocating a budget for continuous education.
Amzur has more than 200 employees and it is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company also has offices in super hubs such as Atlanta and Jersey City.

“Our directors identify team leaders and managers who are good candidates for coaching and invite them into the program,” he says.

Regardless of the focus, the coaching segments implemented and run by Nick Musgrave, Owner at Transform Talent – Engagement Leadership Development & Coaching, offer a continuous motivation to grow. Working closely with the operations group’s HR department, Musgrave has provided real expertise that was needed to craft the talent strategy. Musgrave has collaborated with all stakeholders to implement his leadership program in order to place the human factor back into the success of project management. He has optimized the leadership development architecture at Amzur.

Businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to new technologies to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the quality of goods and services. Yet, we do not hear much about the human factor. In the IT talent acquisition business, we hear it so often that most of the IT recruits are missing soft skills such as communication, customer-centricity, and passion for learning.
There’s much more to the success of emerging technology than plugging it in and switching it on. Success hinges on the human factor. By connecting the workforce to emerging tools and technologies, business leaders and HR professionals can provide more interesting roles and unleash the ingenuity of their people.

Lack of Soft Skills in Talent Pools

Did you know that 59% of employers say their organization lacks employees with soft digital skills and more than half of the employees don’t believe in their companies’ training programs? The IT professionals with experience in soft digital skills, such as customer-centricity and passion for learning, are most in-demand by businesses and are an increasingly important characteristic of a well-rounded digital professional.

Digital Talent Gap

On a recent survey, 34% of the organizations on LinkedIn agreed that the digital talent gap is hampering their digital transformation programs and that their organization has lost competitive advantage because of a shortage of digital talent. 

At Amzur, we have created a meaningful vision and interlinked it with the business strategy and implementation measures. We focus on building strengths, such as entrepreneurship, and provide the necessary tools, education and resources for a continuous development approach. We focus on the workforce. We are known to be human-centered and long-term focused. 

Wouldn’t you want to work with a company that values the human element in technology? One that believes in human capital strategy? Amzur attracts, recruits, invests, retains and mentors on an ongoing basis so you can have a dedicated extended talent pool keen on keeping up with their IT and soft skills to keep pace with the changes in the industry.