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extended team management

Extended Team Management: Break the Black Box

extended team management

Extended team management has been the buzzing word in Global software development fraternity. Many start-ups across the globe will be at the crossroads in selecting a suitable workforce. Due to uncertainty in skill sets and lack of expertise costs delay in project development which in turn diminishes the reputation as well. Gone are the days where the companies used to outsource their projects to third-party offshore companies. The major problem with outsourcing or offshore companies is a lack of communication and unnecessary documentation. This is due to the client will not have direct communication with the development team.

To address these issues there is an extended arm touted as Extended Team Management to support the project development cycle. ETM is a group of full-stack development experts across the globe supporting project development. Especially, ETM benefits start-up companies more in pursuance of recruiting end-to-end developers on a project basis. The home company with a limited number of developers located in one country can seamlessly communicate with the extended team members at any time for effective end results. Contrary to the offshoring, the client can directly interact with the ETM members to avoid miscommunication and unnecessary documentation.

The ETM will break the conventional black box communication in the offshore development process.

We at Amzur with a crew of experts in various verticals will support you in web and mobile app development, ERP and Cloud consulting services. Amzur’s extended team supports you round the clock at various levels of project development. Our expert team will share the responsibilities and deliver them within the deadlines. Amzur’s Extended team offers great transparency and control over the development from the client’s end. Henceforth client can validate it at any instance of time. Our bug tracking system with a central code repository improves scalable development capacity.

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