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benefits of extended team model

Extend your IT team – Increase your business efficiency with seamless flexibility

benefits of extended team model

From being a small and mid-size company to large enterprise, the concept of “extending your current IT team” model certainly serves the two key aspects:

  1. Significantly reducing resource costs
  2. Availability of IT teams round the clock for applications maintenance and management.

Now, the cost is something that every business out there is going to ponder their thought on. The truth is that this will still be the #1 option to choose for businesses across the globe while choosing the right IT resource.

What you need today is a relationship that is nurtured over a long period of time with systematic processes; a personal bond and the whole idea of being part of their customer/clients business….an overall sense of ownership, flexibility and timely delivery. With an extended team model, the focus of an IT service provider should be more on understanding and aligning to a business unit. Any customer will value IT improvement initiatives if they can see how the initiatives are helping them achieve business goals.
The extended team model today can be applied from a cloud-based technology/applications to a client-server based app.

Here are a few significant scenarios where an extended team model will prove to be of huge benefit to clients:

  1. Applications (web or mobile) Production Support
  2. Proofs-of-concept/Proof-of-technology
  3. Software Product Development Support
  4. Hands-on coding for software and web applications development
  5. Software Quality Assurance and Testing engagements
  6. Database Administration and Maintenance
  7. The building, Deploying and Maintaining Applications on the Cloud

Is your current IT services provider giving you that cutting-edge service today? Learn more about Amzur Technologies, extended IT team services model and talk to us today to know about our fabulous success stories.

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