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Energy is a topic on everyone’s minds. How long can we hope to rely on current resources? What can we do to upgrade our infrastructure? Where can we go to create solutions for tomorrow?

These topics and more will be examined during North America Smart Energy Week, the continent’s largest gathering of global energy professionals, which takes place Sept. 23-26 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Amzur will be in attendance, and we encourage others to do the same.

Can’t make it to Utah? There are plenty of energy-related events going on this month, showing just how dedicated the energy industry is to improve resources. Let’s discuss a few and what they mean for the future of energy, starting with the event we already mentioned. 

North America Smart Energy Week

This amazing weeklong event is co-hosted by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), two organizations that work each year to provide venues for energy experts to meet and innovate in solar, smart energy and more. Another great reason to support these events is that all proceeds go toward expanding the U.S. solar market through SEIA and SEPA’s year-round research, education and advocacy efforts. 

Even better, the week is broken into other incorporated events, including Solar Power International, which gives renewable energy leaders a space to network and brainstorm on moving the industry forward, as well as Energy Storage International (ESI), where Amzur will participate this year.

Energy Storage International

ESI, SEPA, and SEIA are bridging the gap between renewable energy production and storage, an issue that has traditionally stood in the way of this new technology’s cost-effective integration and long-term viability. To overcome this challenge, they’ve gathered over 250 exhibitors (and 12,000 attendees) for three days of exploring energy storage technology and content designed to grow this unique branch of the market.

Hosted in Utah, one of the top states for solar energy production, this event also includes another innovative approach to problem-solving: the Plug and Play Challenge. 

Plug and Play Challenge

If you’re looking for answers to the big questions, such as how we can save money, simplify solutions, and improve interoperability, this is where you’ll find them. The Plug and Play Challenge brings together representatives from several prominent leaders in the technology sector to share and challenge concepts related to reducing the cost and complexity of distributed energy resources (DERs). Thanks to the visionary work of Raymond Kaiser, director of Amzur Energy Services, we received an invitation to participate.

The goal of the Plug and Play Challenge is to come up with custom solutions to real problems. It aims to improve DER tech integration for the people and organizations who need it most, such as utilities, service providers and property owners. 

Attendees will work toward solutions together, establishing how and why ESI concepts are poised to make a huge impact on the energy sector. For example, utility companies need interoperability solutions that make it easier and more cost-effective to add new DERs to their systems. This, in turn, empowers corporations to stay apprised of new developments and standards resulting from these solutions.

Change always looks hard at first. But thanks to challenges like these, our efforts are gaining momentum and beginning to snowball.

How You Can Help

Energy events are happening all over. Look at Ohio, a national leader in more traditional forms of energy production, where the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center is hosting the upcoming Energy Storage Building Efficiency Conference on Sept. 23, which looks to improve energy efficiency for manufacturing businesses statewide. 

The answer to the question “what can I do?” is simple: Look around. There are scores of brilliant, like-minded professionals, men, and women from all walks of life, meeting across the country to ensure our energy resources keep moving forward. We need people just like them, and just like you, to keep lending their unique point of view on these challenges.

The only question left to answer is, will we see you there?

Rani Nemani

Rani Nemani, president and founding partner of Amzur Technologies, has more than 20 years of experience in programming, talent acquisition, and technology. Nemani is a problem-solver, constantly looking for the most effective way to meet a need. When she and Bala Nemani launched Amzur Technologies in 2004, their combined vision produced cutting-edge software that fulfilled a variety of needs in global talent solutions.