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AI technology best applications and contributions in 2018

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzing word across the globe regardless of the industry. Eventually, this latest technology has been changing the face of industrial automation at a fast pace. AI technology aims to deliver the best outputs with low precision of errors. This, in turn, improves the productivity and profits of an organization. In recent times, we have observed AI’s major contribution to the smartphone, smart TV, Data privacy, voice assistants, and coding segments.


Firstly, all the leading smartphone giants are imparting the AI technology specifically in the camera segment to enhance the photography experience. The Artificial Intelligence embraced with the rear and front cameras would help in suggesting the user for the best times of capturing with vibrant quality. AI will give you the age, gender, color complexion details to enhance the security with face recognition. Apart from this, few smartphone processors are also cuddling with AI technology to give you a nimble operational experience.


Virtual Personal Assistants:

Virtual Personal assistants (VPA) are deliberately emerging in the market. All the tech giants that have been promulgating the Artificial Intelligence technology to make the things handy. Recently we have seen major turbulence in voice assistants flaunting with AI features. Henceforth making communication easy with simple voice commands across the home. These VPA engineered with AI technology will help the user to accomplish tasks like controlling the devices, shopping, and scheduling the daily tasks with ease.

How AI will improve data privacy and security

Artificial Intelligence will help bloggers and website owners to get indexed automatically with profound content. It automatically checks for the data snooping and restricts/blocks those sites to avoid duplication. Data is the most concerning aspect of any organization and safeguarding it is always a challenging task for the security team. With the evolution of AI, data security has increased to the next level with the utmost attention. It internally uses ML and deep learning algorithms to mitigate the problems incurred. However, it can make the error-free coding even better than the developers do. Another major application of Artificial Intelligence is protecting from the data snooping. In the case of smartphones, we come across intruders who always try to spy the data by looking over the shoulder. In these scenarios, the Artificial Intelligence technology helps in locking the smartphone display as soon as it detects others face.

According to the verge reports, Singapore is the next country that is heading towards adapting the Artificial Intelligence technology in all of its major industries and predicting a rise of 6% profits in various sectors. So, this is the best time to upgrade to the latest AI technology to have a leap in the market.
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