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What is the single most important factor that defines the eventual outcome of your business? The people involved in the project, of course. Hiring the right people to perform fundamental tasks could be the difference between a successful execution and a costly rethink!

What you outsource depends on the nature of your business and goals. In today’s rising gig economy, if you are not outsourcing the right way, you risk losing money and even jeopardizing your entire business. It is important to choose companies that have the best experience, tools, and skills to handle your project.

For a startup to get through the seeding stage and gain recognition, it must have its own unique system. It must consider hiring, training, and development outsourcing, as well as building its brand, structure, and values. Outsourcing can save companies in these areas, which would lead to overhead costs. Outsourcing application development actually broadens business reach through technology. Startups can make the most of their limited funds by outsourcing app development to application development companies. 

If you are an entrepreneur and want to outsource the development of your mobile app, you may want professionals to handle things at a lower cost so you can focus on higher revenue-generating tasks, such as marketing and business development.

When outsourcing development for web, app, software, etc., it’s your responsibility to secure your intellectual property against misuse and theft, which is where we come to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

You will need to create limitations by drafting contracts and NDAs that the outsourcing agency or company will be required to sign and adhere to. If they outright refuse to sign the NDA (or produce one for you to sign), take a second look at that relationship. In some cases, due to an abundance of software technology, some legal jurisdictions have little or no regard for intellectual property protection. Do your research before meeting with your outsourcing vendors. 

Technological advancements have improved application outsourcing services in the past two eras, and Amzur has extensive experience in managing small, mid-market, and large business operations. We pride ourselves on adopting clients’ cultures and becoming a part of their team. Amzur promotes continuous education to ensure that we keep up with the latest tech, and we use various talent delivery models for long-term engagement. We provide a variation of outsourcing for product development and software engineering. We have matured over time and established viable business models supported by specialist technologies, improved delivery, and a wider range of services.

If you choose to contact us, you’re on your way to strengthening your entire application portfolio! Here’s a preview of what comes next.

An Amzur senior team member and a development domain expert will contact you. We will listen to you, ask questions, and collect all of your requirements. We can help you conceptualize your ideas and narrow them down to focus on one core product. We also help you:

  • Keep costs in check, delivering new applications on time and on budget.
  • Increase the responsiveness and agility of current business applications.
  • Gain working knowledge and state-of-the-art application outsourcing practices from skilled professionals.