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Be it a startup or mid-sized business, every company has unique challenges and goals to meet and foster customer relations. In the current consumer-driven market, being online and having a custom web or mobile application are imperative to keep your business afloat regardless of the unforeseen outbreaks and grow faster than others.

Most businesses face challenges in building cohesive teams due to tech talent shortage, limited budget, application middleware, sufficient database, integration software, connectors, and respective APIs that makes a complete solution. Companies see outsourcing as a potential countermeasure to ensure a seamless development process, quicker time to market, and business growth.

Mobile and web app development is a huge investment for any company thriving for growth and gaining new business opportunities. Startups, small, and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) are always at the juncture where outsourcing and finding the right vendor will become a daunting task for everyone in the decision making process.

Here we discuss how project development outsourcing will help you in building the best and feature-rich applications at affordable budgets. 

Before that, let’s have a look at talent acquisition challenges faced by startups & SMEs.

Top challenges faced by startups in building in-house teams:   

Hiring a great team is all about finding, attracting, and selecting the right resources to work for your company in the long term. However, most of the startups and SMEs struggle to find and place the right talent at the right time. This, in turn, results in hurting business and growth opportunities. Here we discuss the top 7 challenges of startups in building a technology-driven and culturally-rich team. 

1. startups lack hiring resources: 

In-house recruiters are quintessential in attracting the right and the best talent in the market. But, startups and small companies usually struggle with a lack of knowledge, resources, and time to hire. Furthermore, an internal recruitment team without industry-specific experience and expertise cause more delay in building a development team.     

 2. Lack of branding:

Employer branding is a key component of every successful talent acquisition strategy. In this world of ‘war of talent’, most of the startups and SMEs struggle with branding and reputation. And, companies that lack employer branding and recruitment strategy will face challenges in attracting, engaging, and hiring them. 

3. Competitive compensation packages:

Once you find the right fit for your company, compensation is one of the major factors that impact an employee’s joining. Employees are likely to join companies that pay lucrative packages to their expertise and experience. That’s why most of the startups and SMEs lack the ability to attract and build development teams quickly.    

4. Hiring a team is a costly affair: 

If you want to build a mobile app for your business, hiring a mobile app developer alone isn’t sufficient. The team should include UI/UX designers, testing engineers, project managers, and other resources. Therefore, it causes a delay in hiring and turns out to be a costly affair for startups and SMEs. 

According to Forbes, app development outsourcing is the best way to deal with hiring challenges in the case of startups. Moreover, amid coronavirus pandemic hiring has slowed, and many startups are facing challenges in team building and management. 

5. Lack of specialized software tools: 

Developing the best mobile/ web application is a dream of any business. Due to the lack of resources and expertise, many startups couldn’t afford and explore modern software tools to handle the project development. If you have an internal development team, they need extensive training and time to leverage sophisticated tools to build an application. This, in turn, results in a lack of quality and features. 


6. Technology evolution and employee retention:

Technology changes are dynamic and need continuous attention and adoption. Companies with limited in-house resources struggle to upgrade and stay competitive in the marketplace. Furthermore, hiring technology-specific resources every time isn’t possible for startups. 

Another team hiring challenge for startups and SEMs is employee retention. Even when you offer cool perks and other benefits, an employee always looks for other opportunities with the best paychecks. When an employee leaves your company in the middle of a crucial project, it holds the development process and entire project deliverables. 

7. Scalability:

Scalability of a team means — scaling up and scaling down employees according to project requirements. In the case of in-house development teams, scalability is the major challenge. Either you have to overload employees, or they will be idle for some time. 

Both scenarios will impact productivity and employee morality. When you are expanding business and handling multiple projects, an internal team with limited resources can’t be scaled up to handle project development. 

Best benefits of custom mobile app development outsourcing in 2020:

Many startups and SMEs outsource their mobile and web app development to have the best product at affordable budgets. However, custom app development at a low cost doesn’t mean they are cheap in quality and features. It depends on choosing the right app development agency and its relevant experience. 

1. Quick start of a project:

What if you have a project in hand and struggle with a lack of internal resources? Probably, you have two ways to deal with it 1. losing the opportunity 2. hiring an external app development agency to build it. 

With the app development outsourcing strategy, you can quickly start your project development and make it available as early as possible. It further eases time to market and gains a competitive edge over others.       

2. Cost reduction:

The startup ecosystem is proliferating around the globe with varied innovations. However, startups in the seed funding stage and other SEMs face a major challenge with the cost of hiring. For example, if you hire a developer in the US, the cost you’ll have to pay will be $1,38,539 including taxes. Then, imagine what would be the total hiring cost to build an end-to-end development team.   

With software outsourcing methodology, companies can reduce hiring costs to a greater extent. Furthermore, software development outsourcing will free up your internal resources and let you focus on business core operations.


3. Better access to talent: 

The tech talent shortage is a growing challenge for many companies around the globe — and thus making talent acquisition even more complex. Moreover, if your internal talent acquisition and HR teams are not aligned properly, it will hurt your hiring process. 

Whereas, app development outsourcing allows you to get the best talent in the market. You can choose potential employees around the globe with more experience and talent than in the local market. 

4. Well-coordinated and dedicated team:

Software project outsourcing provides you not just developers — but you will also get project managers, UI/UX developers, quality analysts, business consultants, and designers. These end-to-end developers team will work exclusively for you and ensure the best engagement experience. The best benefit of app development outsourcing is, you need not train resources from scratch.   


5. Scalability:

Once you hire an internal team, you have to maintain it nevertheless of the  project continuity. Moreover, it is quite challenging to hire resources whenever you need a specific skill or technology expert to develop an application. 

Whereas, product development outsourcing is flexible and scalable. Therefore, you can increase or decrease the team size according to your project requirement.    

6. Effective communication:

Despite the size and scale, communication is imperative for seamless project development. With web app development outsourcing services, you can have the best resources allocated to work on your project with modern technology and project management tools ensuring transparent communication. As you work with well-experienced developers they collaborate with your internal team and stakeholders to avoid bottlenecks in the project implementation.  

Software outsourcing during outbreaks: What’s the best time to outsource your project development?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, software companies are experiencing a major hit. Hiring has slowed and companies are looking for ways to keep their business afloat during these uncertain times. So, software development outsourcing has become a great way to continue business operations, stay healthy, and explore modern technology tools to work remotely.    

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