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AngularJS - The Best Flavor of JavaScript

AngularJS – The Best Flavor of JavaScript

AngularJS - The Best Flavor of JavaScript

Developers have seen many web application leaders come and go. SproutCore after spending years as the top framework has been displaced by BackboneJS, which in turn has succumbed to EmberJS. However, nothing can be compared with AngularJS! It has won over several client projects of Fortune 500 companies in the recent past. Besides, it has helped to build many single-page applications in JavaScript.Today, most of the front-end logic sets foot in AngulasJS and back-end because the Application Program Interfaces serve JavaScript Object Notation. As a result, developers can create high-performance applications. Moreover, the user experience is satisfactory with this approach as the pages can be loaded very fast without demanding the browser to undertake a complete round trip request.
Let’s check out in this regard why AngularJS is said to be the best flavor of JavaScript and has left the other JavaScript frameworks in the dust?

Allows HTML Tags

A number of factors are responsible for making AngularJS the hottest web application. It allows developers to write a lot in HTML that drives the assembly of the application. Here they don’t have to write every detail of the JavaScript and make a bunch of templates for generating the User Interface. AngularJS is not complicated and also quite expressive that lets developers do many things. So the uniqueness, power, and simplicity have crowned AngularJS for being the most popular modern-day JavaScript framework.

Breaks Backward Compatibility

AngularJS breaks backward compatibility consistently and compels its fans to relearn about its development. It makes learning easier and doesn’t hold strong opinions on conventions. This encourages more developers to learn about it. Besides, it makes better adjustments with other technologies that are used later. All these factors make a great impact on big enterprises that hire and develop at a large scale. In this fashion, Angular is famous today and will continue the momentum in the future.

Offers Toolbox Approach

Developers like to work with AngularJS as it feels more like a toolbox than a framework. AngularJS is at a low level compared to several other frameworks and with the toolbox approach, it becomes flexible to get used in various cases like adding website buttons within other frameworks.

Provides Data Security

AngularJS would be a perfect choice if the entrepreneurs or the developers expect security in statistics. In this regard, this web application is certainly the winner among all JavaScript frameworks.

Matches Different Browsers

AngularJs can be written entirely in JavaScript and so there is no need to install it separately for applications. The developers can add AngularJS in an HTML text. Furthermore, AngularJS is well-matched with different computer and mobile browser settings like Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera 15, Safari, Android and Safari for iOS.
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