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Amzur is employee-centric

Being Employee-Centric Means Being Ethically Transparent

Amzur is an employee-centric company. What that means is, from the front lobby all the way to the C-suite, we strive for ethics and transparency in all internal communications and dealings with our associates.

As previously implied, this starts at the top. Amzur CEO Bala Nemani is dedicated to setting the right example for ethical leadership, and as a result, the IT consultants we work with are happy and satisfied with the way we run our businesses. That’s one reason why, with offices in Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Hamilton, New Jersey, we’re in increasingly high demand in the east coast staffing industry.

One of the other ways Amzur achieves an employee-centric model is by offering comprehensive, well-thought-out benefits and plenty of opportunities for new ways to work. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we gave all associates the flexibility, technology, and support to work from home. These steps establish trust that the company has their best interests in mind by letting Amzur associates spend their time on work and self-improvement, not conducting their own research to find the best healthcare and other benefits programs.

Amzur and its leadership teams care about their employees physically, mentally, and financially. Another way we show this is by enabling each associate to not only to join a team of IT rockstars but also learn and grow in their personal and professional lives. That’s right, the big secret is work-life balance.

Work-life balance is an important aspect of any healthy work environment. Research suggests that maintaining this balance helps reduce stress and prevent workplace burnout. Amzur achieves this through a combination of strong leadership, including proper training in mentoring best practices at all levels of management, and a uniquely transparent approach to operations that utilizes clear communications between teams to build a strong sense of community—one where leaders and subordinates share knowledge and impart skills through a single core message: that we learn and deliver strong customer experiences as a team.

Even better, this ethical, transparent approach to business is carried through to every client we serve. Sound like the kind of partnership you’re looking for? Reach out today to learn more.

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We are an employee-centric company. Bala is a very ethical person. The IT consultants we work with are very happy because we are transparent in our businesses. We have offices in Tampa, Atlanta, and Hamilton/New Jersey, and we’re in high demand in staffing on the east coast.

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Amzur has given me an opportunity to work from home during the pandemic. Amzur’s benefit package is very thoroughly put together. I do not need to spend additional time conducting my own research on getting the best healthcare programs. Amzur cares about their employees physically, mentally and financially.

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Work-life balance is an important aspect of the healthy work environment at Amzur. Maintaining a work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace. Reconnaissance with onsite and offshore teams helps me build strong business communication skills via imparting the same to my subordinates and fellow employees through the message that we learn and deliver a strong customer experience as a team.

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