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Amzur is a family, a home

Making Teams Into Families Through Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion matter. Associates and employees of any background and at any organization deserve to feel a sense of belonging in the workplace, and not just for the sake of good vibes and friendships. Belonging is what empowers employees to be their authentic selves without fear of different treatment or punishment—and it has a major impact on performance and retention.

The “why” should be obvious: Employees who feel happy, comfortable, and satisfied in the workplace are more likely to collaborate effectively with their colleagues, leaders, and direct reports, which leads to lower turnover rates and higher engagement. But studies also show that diverse teams are more likely to solve problems quickly, boost an employer’s brand, become innovation leaders, and even increase profits.

Amzur believes wholeheartedly in an inclusive mindset. We believe in it so strongly that diversity has shaped our entire approach to teams and associates. Instead of viewing human resources as assets to be placed within a company hierarchy, we view—and support—our associates like family. We connect them with everything that matters, giving them the tools and support they need to ensure their ideas, hard work, and creativity come alive in the products they develop and the culture they create. As a result, people enjoy working at Amzur; many even call themselves the Amzurians.

Read more about what Amzurians have to say about Amzur and its culture.

According to Amzurians, the most important components of our company’s success are the engagement they feel in their work and the support they get from other team members. But Amzur also provides the openness and flexibility to improve their work-lives so that they aren’t afraid to ask for help. For example, if an associate needs to move to be with family, they have opportunities to work remotely or even drop right into a new Amzur location, where they can find supportive and friendly colleagues to help them settle into a new team and city.

Amzur isn’t just a workplace—it’s a home. A place where people have space to grow into the best professionals they can be, leveraging input from colleagues and leaders who become the next best thing to family. It’s what makes Amzur a great place to work, and all those same qualities make us an amazing partner as well.

Looking to find a business family of your own? Reach out today for steady, confident support throughout your digital transformation.

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The Amzur family connects all the stuff that matters: ideas, products, culture, Amzurians, hard work, creativity—and the list goes on.

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I am thankful to Amzur for giving me the opportunity when I needed it the most so I could move to Vizag to stay with my family. I have found very supportive and friendly colleagues here, which helped me settle down well in this new city.

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Amzur is my home, where I grew up into a professional marketer with the help of my colleagues, who’ve become like family. It has been five years since I found this home. If I look back I see support, trust, help, teaching, learning, laughing. I would say it is the best place anyone could start their career.

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