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It’s no doubt that the IT industry offers a good pay package in America. Glassdoor’s report of the high paid tech jobs is a testimony to the fact. It reveals 10 tech roles that offer over $100,000 a year. But which tech job will you target if you are willing to make over $100K in a year? Let’s check out the 3 tech roles of this year that have the potential of rewarding you with more than $150K as salary.

Data Architect

With the proficiency in big data, you may earn big bucks by playing the role of a data architect. It’s also referred to as a data modeler that involves working with applied mathematics for building the database as well as creating storage and archival systems. The architect is also involved with the task of enhancing data transfer within the systems. But what’s the pay package? According to the information on data architect is within the top 10 highest paying tech jobs and it records the annual average salary over $100K. Moreover, Information Week reveals that this position continued to be one of the best-paying job titles in the last year and it may ascend to $153.7K this year.

Scrum Coach

As per the rank of, Scrum coach holds the highest-paid middle-level roles with 5-10 years of relevant IT expertise. This is due to the fact that Scrum contributed a lot towards streamlining software development. By the Scrum Alliance, about 66% of Agile frameworks used by the organizations are Scrum-based. This leads to the demand of the Agile framework and so those taking up the role of Scrum coach get an average yearly salary of $151K. The function of the Scrum coach includes teaching on Scrum adoption technology as well as implementing best methods for Agile software development. To work as a Scrum coach, you are required to have Scrum certification and earlier demonstrable achievement.

Software architect

Glassdoor report has considered this tech job post as the highest paying with an average base salary of $131K. A software architect designs new software and also adds to its improvement and amendments. The role needs only a bachelor’s degree at the entrance level. However, it embroils the task of outlining product needs, confirming functionality, as well as comprehending integration with prevailing platforms. As per the, it is revealed that the salaries of the middle and the upper-level software architects may rise to an even bigger number. As a result of which the chief software architects of IT can get around $155K.

While these 3 tech jobs have the potential of rewarding you more than $150K, several other prospects are still there in the industry for lucrative jobs. However, keep in mind that proficiency in the technical field depends to a great extent on the training. If you have the potential of developing such a skill set, you must devote time to gaining expertise as an adept learner and will not put an end to your budding IT career.