TAMPA, FL., June 22, 2015 / PRNewswire / — Amzur Technologies, Inc. an information technology solutions and support firm, in Tampa, Florida, today announced its ten-year successful collaboration with Khameleon Software, Inc., for building and redesigning Khameleon’s dealer technology solutions.

In 2004, Khameleon was readying itself to change from a client-server technology to an n-tier stack, as well as facing issues with increasing customers daily – the need was to refurbish its prevailing technology. Khameleon’s demand was for overhauling its services stack, encompassing and providing support to n-tier architecture, constructing a user-friendly interface, have an integrated portal and flexible reporting.

Amzur’s experts set on to engage on an everlasting journey of technology collaboration and business process re-engineering. Khameleon required a team who will not merely address the concerns of the technology, but will also be able to understand the business, user requirements and the entire software product lifecycle. Multiple projects encompassing application development, database support, business intelligence, mobility, and other technologies – while maintaining the prevailing products, and support to Khameleon’s clientele, were engaged.

Amzur proposed to use a dedicated and extended team model to bring Khameleon’s products onto an n-tier range of applications. Project requirements were met with timely delivery, pin-point technology expertise and optimized costs. The model comprised of a hybrid structure of onsite, offsite, offshore and remote technology experts.

Amzur’s, Executive VP, Bala Nemani, said – “The key achievements of this engagement include a total make-over with enhanced technology, overhauling of Khameleon’s dealer technology solutions and resulting in enhanced service and support to Khameleon’s clientele. Khameleon acquired 4x more clients in the last 5 years compared to its earlier record. Its profit margin increased by 25% and resulted in an overall 38% decrease in costs than before.

Celebrating this ten year successful collaboration with Amzur, Douglas Angelone – the CEO of Khameleon said – “Using Amzur we have optimized the cost, quality, and schedule of delivery of our application development work. We are particularly impressed by the quality of Amzur’s professionals and their customer orientation. We are excited about the future of this relationship.”

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